Sunday, August 3, 2014

Has To Stop

The quick breaks to office bathrooms to cry... has to stop.
The hatred towards him... has to stop.
Questioning myself because of all his abuses... have to stop.
Hating myself for being weak... has to stop.

There is no one else who can affect her the way he does. Despite all the things that she tried to not care it was just not that easy for her. Yes sometimes things don’t work out the way they are supposed to be, that’s not even bothering her much but what’s bothering her is the fact that he still continues to use her for his ego boost and she falls in the trap every time. The self loathing increases day by day and how much ever she tries to move ahead he brings her back to the same exact spot every time. Emotionally messes up – every morning feels like a struggle and every day a battle to put up a brave face, a big smile and an attitude that she is perfectly fine with her life. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

My Experience

I have been shopping online for quite some time now, being the obsessive me I always need things to be sorted and well organized. This is exactly what I look for when I am shopping online. Easy navigation, proper description of products, offers and good customer service is what I generally look for and had it all. The very first time I went on to the site I absolutely loved the amazing variety of products that they had – you can find everything on Jabong. No need to go through 10 different sites.
The delivery process was also very smooth. Prompt email confirmations and updates via SMS made me feel relaxed and not worry about the delivery. (I have had some bad experiences on other sites where the product wasn’t delivered on time or was lost etc). The delivery was actually done before time despite the heavy rains! This really impressed me. 

The product was packed in a nice way so as to avoid any kind of damage during delivery.
Because it was such a hassle free and smooth experience I decided to blog about it, after all such experiences are rare.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Orkut Love Story

With everyone posting stuff about how Orkut is important to them and fellow bloggers posting in their memories of the Social Networking site. I thought, “Hey! I have a story to tell as well” so here I go!
            I remember being overly hooked by the site. With school, Classes and Tuitions taking up most of the time me along with some friends used to frequent the local cyber cafĂ©s and eagerly check our new scraps, testimonials etc. Orkut made my initial years of the World Wide Web so much more interesting.
            Coming to the story, I met him via Orkut. Although I confused him with someone else the conversation kept happening. Scraps turned to Gtalk and then Yahoo messenger. There were days when we spoke till 4am and still there was so much that we didn’t share that the conversation continued the next day. It was funny how someone I hadn’t even met then had become so close, guess conversation covers up the distance. Words and feeling can bring people together especially when you share every small thing that you do, however over the years that changed.
            I still remember the first time we met 6 months later. Awkward but glad that we could see each other in the real world and not virtual. The next day he proposed me and it was all wonderful with little ups and down for the next 6years.

            To be honest I used to secretly enjoy the reactions I used to get whenever I told someone we met via Orkut. We always used to feel that we are lucky to find each other. Just a little too perfect everything was as time passed of course things changed and the perfect everything changed to not-so-perfect everything. Words like destiny, lucky, made for each other lost its value over the years and now we are no more together. Now when I think about it, it is perfect! It kind of is weird actually that it ended when Orkut announced that it’s closing. I see a perfect circle completing. Destiny is all I can say…

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Random acts of Kindness

After a completely messed up day at work I decided to cab back home to avoid the trouble and the struggle of surviving a crowded bus and traffic. Obviously it’s not so easy to even get a cab here in Mumbai at peak hours so as that struggle was on a little girl heard me ask the cabbie if he would come to Prabhadevi. When I was turned down by him as well she came up to me smiled and said,
“Ithun Prabhadevi saathi bus ahe, me dakhavte kuthun te” ( there is a bus here for Prabhadevi , I’ll show you from where)

The mere willingness to help was so cute that I let her just help me out. Not only did I save the cab money it also made me smile for the first time in that day. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Going through sexual abuse as a child, keeping it hidden from every other soul she knew… it wasn’t something she was proud of, it wasn’t something she wanted to be pitied about and it definitely wasn’t something she wanted to remember.
She  was constantly taught to be a strong girl! Slowly the being strong turned to hiding her feelings. She could now not express her feelings or tell someone how important they are to her because in case they decide to leave she has to be strong again. She seemed to be a cold heartless person, which she wasn’t.

It was until a man came in her life, and she was head over heels over him. Ofcourse he didn’t know that because she could never express it.  Years later the love turned to hate, the little quirks that were adorable now were plain irritating. And then the horror came to face her again, although this time not the physical kind but of verbal. The relationship turned abusive and forced her to doubt herself for still being equally head over heels for him, she now steals some moment alone everyone to cry. The nights are sleepless. She feels weak. She feels not so confident. She hates herself for letting him abuse her over and over again. And yet she will put up a big smile on her face in the morning and look for those blissful stolen moments when she can be her vulnerable self. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bye Bye Split Ends!

Don’t cut it very short okay? Just a little bit. Get rid of the Split ends ONLY!, every time I go to the salon for my hair cut this is the first thing I would tell them.
            Yes, don’t worry! she would assure me.
And when it was all over ill look in the mirror and would be shocked to see how short my hair has got. Mind you, I have curly hair so it any which ways springs up and the length seems shorter than it really is now add even more shorter hair because of Split ends and it just adds to my hair problems.

            So when I recently tried the TRESemmĂ© Split Remedy I couldn’t help but notice a visible change in my hair. The roots look much healthier and prettier. You know those ugly looking ends of the pony tail? All gone! Thanks to this amazing product.

            I would recommend this to everyone who has split end problems. Use this and watch it all go away! :D

Monday, May 5, 2014

A little bit of nice would be nice no?

I have noticed that these days around, there has been a lot of police checking happening in Mumbai at night, which is a good thing! I think I have written about this before as well about how safe that is for girls and about how it makes me feel safe that someone is out there for my security. Yesterday however I saw it in a new light; I was out with a friend, just a drive and some hanging out. We went to Juhu Beach for a walk and didn’t realize that it had got pretty late as we were returning to where the car was parked some police were there to vacate the place and they told us to leave.  We tried explaining them that our car was parked there at it would be a real long walk if we have to go from the main road, but they were adamant and in this explaining which happened they passed a comment which I would have until some years back would have taken way to seriously but now I have kind of got used to accepting that this is the way Mumbai Police talk!
So my point here is, is it really that necessary? Is it really necessary to insult or pass some statements which might be offensive for some people? Especially when the female can hear them. There has been couple of times that I heard such stories… actually worse than what happened with me but now that I experienced it I know it’s not a nice feeling.
There was this one article which my friend had sent me where police created quite a ruckus just because a guy was talking to his girlfriend below her building at Worli.
Of course I don’t blame them totally, they have their share of irritating situations to deal with as well and all this rudeness kind of originates from there.  For example, I just saw this tweet

I am sure this is just a tiny part of all the hardships that they go through. Another part is where we as citizen don’t appreciate them; won’t you like it if someone appreciates for your hard work?
This one time our professor said, “Police force doesn’t get the much deserved appreciation and importance. Next time you see a traffic police man, go up to them offer them some water and thank them for maintaining proper traffic conditions”. At this the class kind of gave out a laughter and she was amazed she pointed out that this ignorance that we have is one of the reasons why even the police don’t feel like treating us good. Maybe it’s also the fact that they deal with criminals and goons so often that somehow they end up talking like them.
Again something I read online about a few teenagers in a car who mocked a traffic police man at Andheri near Infinity mall.
I think a being a bit nice on both side would do everyone some good. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Real World

So my college has officially ended, I gave my last board paper yesterday and that is the final bye bye to Mumbai University.  And now starts the days when everyone will keep asking what I am planning next, when am I going to start working etc etc and the aunties are going to keep asking my mother when I am getting married.
For now I am totally clueless about what next
After finishing the paper yesterday I messaged a friend saying that it is officially OVER! And he replies, “Welcome to the Real World”

I wonder what the “Real World” has in store for me, right now it’s such a scary world really where you have no idea about what to do, where to go and basically what in store for you in future.  Today is one such day, where I got up with absolutely no plan for the day, with no assignments/projects to do, no college to attend, no studying etc and so far it honestly is boring. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Francesco’s Pizzeria, Kemps Corner

Found this little pizzeria with cozy interior in the heart of a busy surrounding in Mumbai. The place is small but very cozy, friendly staff and good food. You get a variety of pizza and some other side dishes. We went around 10pm so the place was empty which kindof worked in our favour as I personally don’t like eating with millions of people around me.
We ordered 2 pizzas and a Chocolate filled Bun (the name is something else, I can’t remember it now)
The place is quite reasonable too…
The only thing my friend had a problem was that he thought the crust was too thin, I found it okay though. I guess that is more of a personal choice.
If you are ever in the locality you should really try this place out! :)

Overall I would give it 3.5 out of 5

Picture is taken from their FacebookPage

Thursday, April 3, 2014

C= Cravings

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before or not, but recently when I was in a book store with a friend we stumbled upon a book on Cravings and there was a quiz about why we crave for things and I am super embarrassed to say that they result for the quiz I took said that I use food as an excuse to feel happy… of course I laughed it off that time and thought it was just a stupid book, of course it’s not true however as I did ponder on it later I realized that part of it is true.
 So much has been going on in my life ever since 2014 started that I honestly don’t know if I have life as sorted as I thought it was.  I guess I want someone to who I can just pour my heart out and tell that person every tiny thing without the fear of being judged or misunderstood (everything we do is not 100% right you know). And until that thing happens food is my way out – I think!
This posts make me look super sad so I think I will stop now! J Good Day!

Chinese and Chocolates have been the major Cravings that I keep having these days and all of them start with a C so I couldn’t post anything else today.

PS- I found this super quick Cravings Quiz/Test ... Give it a try.. tell me what are you craving for?