Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dirty Little Secret

Him – So I hear you are home alone today.
Her – yes, so?
Him – I am coming over
Her – No you are not. I know what you are coming over for
Him – ill be reach there in 30mins.

At her house
“We broke up, you don’t love me anymore and don’t plan on getting back then why should we be doing this?” She said
“Relax, it’s just physical we have done this before what’s the harm if we do it again? We are not with dating anyone else for now.” He argued back

Some time later
“We shouldn’t have done this. You said all those nice things just so that I would agree to sleep with you right? You know I still love you.” She said
“To be honest, Yes”
“I am a fool”
“I have to meet my friends, I better get going”
“Are you going to tell them you were with me?”
“No, I can’t”
Oh so you can come sleep with me. But can’t even tell your friends that we meet?”
“Yes, I can’t do that”
“So I am your dirty little secret right? A personal slut
He left without saying anythnig.

She was left with self-loathing, no one had ever made her feel so cheap and disgusting ever. The problem still was that the love she had for him never decreased. She had learnt to live with the self-loathing, disrespectful life and with all the depression and sadness that came with it.

Someones dirty little secret was that she was.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Garnier BB Cream

Wearing makeup, dressing up was really not my thing ever. It was one of those things that I just
could never get a hang of. Obviously I tried certain things but nothing ever came up to live up my expectation which basically was that it should be something very easy , not complicated, quick and gave perfect result.
As I said earlier I have tried a lot things but they all seem to ask for a little more attention than I was willing to give, so when I got to know about BB creams I was instantly attracted towards them.  Again it wasn’t an easy task, I tried a few BB creams but they just didn’t seem to work right for me. When I told a friend about it she said,“ it’s just a cream, how can you have problems with that as well? ”
 You see some of them didn’t mosturize my skin well, some of them left a white finish on the face and one of them just caused me acne. It took me a long time to figure what was causing acne but the damage was done till then.
Anyway so when I tried on Garnier BB Cream I was a bit apprehensive considering all my previous experiences.  This product however surprised  me, the consistency is not very thick thus making it easy to apply. It doesn’t leave a white finish on my face. It is also not sticky. However it doesn’t do much work when it comes coverage but an even tone and bit of a base is what you are looking for then this shall work wonders. Also I like the fact that it’s not very costly as compared to other products which are available in the market.
I had applied this and my friends did notice that there was something different, they asked me if I had done something to my skin which basically told me that the product is working for me. It gave my skin a healthy glow, made it look mosturized and healthy.
I liked the fact that this requires the least time. I just used a small dollop of the cream on my face and neck, as said earlier it blended with my skin in almost no time. I gave it rest for like 2mins for it to set and then applied my compact powder. And there! I was all set, I put on some Kajal and Masacara a nude lipstick and lip balm and I was good to go. It stayed on for around 6-7 hours I guess, I didn’t time this. It was also hot outside and I was in the sun most of the time, that remind me it also has SPF 24 so you neednt worry about the sun as well.

Over all I loved this product and has already become a part of my daily routine

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Bundle of Joy

My grandmother always used to tell my mother, “The happiness that a child brings into a house cannot be recreated by anything or anyone else”. I was too young to understand the meaning behind this that time. Now however I understand exactly what she meant. Although there is no child in my house now I am going to write about this little girl who is my neighbour.
I had just come back from college when my mother announced that neighbour had a baby girl. I rushed to congratulate them and have a look at the baby.  The cuteness made everyone fall in love with her the first time they saw her. She had suddenly become the center of attraction in the building especially my floor where the childs story kept coming everyday.
As she grew up, she turned into this enthusiastic little kid who would never sit at one place. Constant looking after her was needed as it was by now understood that you leave her unattended for some time and she would come up with some mischeif.
Everyone loved  her and she knew that she has the potential to make anyone over look her mischeif just by her cuteness.
Suddenly she became a part of our everyday conversation. We would shop for her even ever we came across some cute baby stuff in the mall. ABCD and Humpty Dumpty also became a norm where anyone who is free shall start teaching her.
Just because of her the entire floor had a new life, a new happiness and a new story to listen to from her parents about what new things she did. This is when I understood what my grandmother said, a little quirky, enthusiastic child had really brought in so much joy and happiness in our lives. To by honest, I never wanted her to grow up. 
It was around the time of her birthday that she fell ill. She was admitted in a hospital. The gloom and sadness felt by everyone was obvious. It was as if all of us were going through some stress. It hurted not seeing her playing outside every morning, or the regular crying and wailing during lunch / dinner time just because she didn’t like what was cooked.
She had become the center of our daily lives. Like seriously a little kid who does nothing but just try new ways to mess up the house and come up with ideas which are going to just create more trouble for the parents actually earns everyones love. The day she was ill, everyone was back to being grim and living their life like a machine.
Kids really help take the stress out our lives. We forget that we have stress and suddenly fairytales become real. You laugh at silly jokes and even crack a few to see the little one laugh. Your backpain goes away in a jiffy just because you want to give the little one a piggy back ride. So much a child does for us, and it is really sad when a child falls sick. You can’t see the pain they are going through, you would happily take the sickness and let the child be. That’s the magic of children, they just know how to spread happiness and more so when they are all fit, fine and healthy so they can run as far as they want to, create as much a mess they wish, and spread the most biggest smile on your face.

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Meri Wali Diwali

The moment I turned 18, I started asking my mother to get me a scooty. Now my mother is of the thinking that scooty is dangerous, cars on the other hand are safer. So that birthday I didn’t get any gift as we couldn’t come to terms about what exactly I want. Scooty and bike war was on in the house.

Forward to Diwali.
On my way out I took my keys from the counter. I noticed that there was one more key attached to it. I asked my mother about it only to be surprised that she had actually got me a car!
Mind you that time I knew nothing about cars, I hadnt even enrolled for driving lessons. 
While writing this article I realised that I have generally got such  surprises on Diwali, right from my first cycle!

Diwali brings in so much joy and for me it’s the anticipation of what’s going to happen next.
Another reason why I just love Diwali is because I we have kind of a ritual with my extended family (friends).  On the first day of diwali we all dress up and meetup, burst some crackers, although crackers have been stopped now considering all the environmental issues. It was something that happened without planning and before we knew it it was a tradition.

I like how such small small things brings people together. Diwali also gives you a reason to get back with people, contact them again. We all know that we are all distant these days, it wasn’t so earlier. Diwali gives you a perfect way to bring in the bond back. Family members visit eachother even though they have just spent a year of very less or no contact.

Another thing why I love diwali is because it takes me back to my roots and to my family. The whole year is spent meeting college deadlines, with friends, trying to be updated with fashion and dealing with all the petty problems which at that time looks like the most important thing ever.  Diwali gives me a reason to learn about my culture, dress in those sexy saries and adorable kurtis, meet all the family and learn cooking! Yes, I don’t know how to make dal rice but I very well know (okay, somewhat know) how to make modaks, shankarpali, chakli, chivda and besan che ladoo (all marathi diwali delicacies)

Diwali also brings in lots of holidays, all the more reason to love the festival and spend time with family and people you care about.

Oh and how can I forget gift? As much as I love receiving gifts, I also love the process of buying gifts for everyone. I feel it instantly connects people. You are thoughtful and buy things which you think the opposite person shall like. Just the thought that someone has actually brought something for you and they have put efforts into it is so cute.

In so many ways Diwali is not just a festival, it is a collection of memories, of opportunities and a lot more.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Love Games and All That Jazz!

“Nothing, we just went for lunch”, I told them hoping that would put an end to all the questions I had no answers to.
Obviously the questions were far from over.

“So do you like him?”
“Why don’t you ask him out?”
oh! I am not very sure if I have the guts to do that. Plus I don’t even know what if he likes me, actually I am not very sure about what I feel for him as well.”

“ If he does ask you out, what would you say?”, this question made me pause.
“ I think ill say yes!”, I was surprised how easily I could answer that.
“You need to make me ask you out”, a friend chirped in.
“How do you ‘make’ someone do that?” I enquired.

see, you need to make him jealous. Make him feel that you have other people as well. Don’t message him for a week. Whenever he asks you out say no!” and the list went on about what are the dos and don’ts of making someone ask you out!

“What rubbish! I am not doing any of this. If he likes me, he will ask me out. Simple!” I rubbished all their ideas after he completed his half our monologue.

On the way home I found myself thinking about the it over and over again. Does one have to go through all this drill just to make someone know that they have feelings for them.

I was in a six year long relationship and honestly now I feel so weird at times. Its like I have entered some different era of dating. There are rules and dating apps and all those cheesy lines (like wtf is up people?)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

They Should Have Changed The Room

We were on a work trip.
Riddhima and I were sharing the room.

15mins after checking in Riddhima came to me and said,
“You know what, I don’t like this hotel it is giving me a very weird vibe. Let’s change the hotel and go to the one on Park Street.”
what rubbish! It’s perfectly fine. Plus everyone is staying here. It will be weird if just the two of us shifted.”
“No Pooja, really!” she tried to argue but I told her she was watching too much horror movies and needs to chill.

The day was uneventful, we went around the city, explored some restaurants. She was happy spending the day outside and delaying going back to the hotel.

Finally as we came back, she again started with the whole let’s change the hotel drama. By that time I was super tired and having eaten so much was a bit drowsy. I told her to shut up and just go to sleep. 

Generally when we travel together we get a double bed (more comfortable) this time however there were twin beds, cribbing, I took the one near the wall.

Out of habit I woke up at around 3.30am only to be horrified to death. Riddhima was sitting straight on her bed with her long hair flipped in front. I froze and I don’t know for how long I was just lying there looking at her. She didn’t move all this while. After what seemed like an eternity I finally managed to call her out. She only responded when I screamed her name out.

I told her to go put on the lights, to which she refused. She wasn’t moving a centimeter when all this was happening. After repeatedly asking her I finally screamed at her again. This time however she agreed and went to put on the lights.  I took her to the next room where our other friends were staying and told her what had just happened, of which she had no memory of.

To this day I can vividly recall that image of her sitting with her hair in flipped in front and it send chills down my spine.

PS – we did change the room next day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


(In no particular order)

Visit Harry Potter Theme Park
I know this sounds like a very weird wish, but it is one of the important one. Harry potter introduced me to reading! It got me to fall in love with books. It has been there for me when I was sad or angry or happy or upset or PMSing. Its quotes never fail to inspire me and it reassures me that I am not the only one who believes that magic is real.

Visit Paris
Effiel tower. Enough said! Only two monuments in the world had been on my wishlist for as long as I remember – Taj Mahal and Effiel Tower. I have visited The Taj so Effiel is the only one left.

See the Northern Lights
Something very magical about them, no?

Become a Positive Person
Although I would call myself positive but at times all of that goes down the drain. I believe in positive thinking and mind over matter but it’s difficult to follow that every time. So obviously at times I snap. Also I would like to be more patient, I am super impatient.

Loose Weight (get fit)
Thinner. Healthier. A little more beautiful.

Become Rich
Oh well, who doesn’t want this to happen?

Meet Shahrukh Khan!
I am in absolute love with Shahrukh Khan. I also believe that someday I shall meet him! Not as part of a crowd but actually go to Mannat and have a cup of coffee with him ( or maybe even dinner) chat with him for hours in his library.

Yes I do someday plan to teach. Ill wait till the time I am much more accomplished, intelligent, well read and patient! You know how kids are these days :P

World Tour
Plan to see every part of this beautiful earth!

Be succesful
I believe success is the key to happiness. Need not be material all the time. When you don’t regret a particular decision that is you being succeful at making yourself happy right? Makes sense?

I also want to find true love, get married and eat without ever worrying about putting on weight! 

Why English Why?

“I don’t need to flirt, ill seduce you with my awkwardness” :P

She  so wish this was true. She generally found it easy to talk to people. When it comes to him, its like she hasn’t  learnt how to speak a sentence properly. Lately she fumbles a lot when speaking to him, its like her head is telling her something, her  heart is telling her some other thing and she is speaking something different entirely!
It wasn’t that difficult earlier, she did have a crush on him for 3 years but it was just that. It never escalated into anything more than that, just made up for some spice in college. Now that she was getting to know him, she realised that the damage was done! The crush has escalated.
Discussing love life in excrutiating details over a  cup of coffee with her besties has now turned into her nightmare. She just doesn’t seem to have answers to all their questions.  Waiting for him to message her has become her favorite passtime.
She hopes he hasn’t noticed the weird her. She hopes that she finds her vocabulary back soon and is able to communicate than just murmur some stupid words. Fumbling is another issue again, nervousness makes her blabber and she quickly realises what an ass she has been and then awkwardly tries to cover that up, basically making the entire thing even more awkward and weird.

Have you ever been betrayed by your vocabulary like this?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A day spent Finding Fanny at Regal Cinema

I had decided to watch Finding Fanny by just the poster, I didn’t even bother to check the trailer before watching. It’s a simple, nice movie. Way different than the usual bollywood movies. As of Regal Cinema, I had never been there but the timings suited us so we went there. The first thing that surprised me were the ticket prices, ₹100/- for stall, ₹150/- for balcony and ₹200/- for dress seats (I have no idea what that is). Obviously we were late so we got the stall tickets, and trust me they were pretty decent seats. The crowd was decent a mix of old parsi couples and teenagers, there was one aunty who started clapping when the movie started and I knew just then that I was in for a ride. She laughed out loud at every joke (even the silly ones) but it was a delight.
The theater is huge and has a vintage touch to it, it was like going back in time. Even the food available was limited, standard coke, popcorn,lays and samosa and needless to say everything was super cheap. I love popcorn especially while watching a movie but spending ₹150/- something for that is stupid.  
For the first time I was hooked on to Naseeruddin Shahand completely ignored the main leads (Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone) not that they were bad, but Naseeruddin Shah was brilliant. The movie has some very witty dialogues, simple narration and no over the top acting. The entire feel of the theater is vintage and that added to the entire experience as the movie and theater complimented eachother.
A walk down colaba causeway  for some shopping (bought a grey embrodered top, some bangles and earrings) and dessert at Theorbroma made for a perfect Saturday evening.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chocolateria San Churro, Link Road, Andheri

My general late night chocolate spot for a long time has been Theobroma, Colaba. Although this time a friend suggested we go to San Churro, Link Road, Andheri. I like the fact that this place is open till 1am thus proves to be an excellent late night spot ( a little heavier on the pocket though if you compare it with Theobroma) as we reached pretty late the place was almost empty except for a group of four.
We ordered Chocolate Hazelnut Shake, Chicken Panani Sandwich and Chocolate Mousse Bar. All three were exceptionally amazing. The Chocolate shake has a very strong hazelnut after taste which my friend liked but I didn’t. The Mousse bar was delicious and so was the Panani Sandwich. (sorry, I just have the Mousse bar picture)

The staff is very friendly and the service is not that bad either.

The Damage was ₹662/- for two