Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Potter Mania 2015. Haul. Harry Potter Collection.


Check out my new video! It's about PotterMania which happened on this Sunday and I show my Harry Potter Collection

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Long Distance Relationship Chronicle - What Are You Supposed To Do?

One thing that I have learnt from this is that it sure tests how much you trust the other person. Knowing that you won’t see the other person for a long time, in some cases the time is not even defined, and still making sure that the love doesn’t waver is a big challenge. How does one keep the same intensity of love when things are not the same anymore? Some people don’t understand long distance relationships, and to an extend I was one of them.  You can’t do things that single people do, you can’t do things which couples do for obvious reasons of course. Then what are you supposed to do!!??

                Very confusing indeed!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Byculla to Bangkok – Book Review

Byculla to Bangkok 
Mumbai’s Maharashtrian Mobsters
Author – S. Hussain Zaidi

What the Book Says – The High-stakes game of the underworld has new faces working for and against Dawood Ibrahim – the shadowy, manipulative figure that pulls the strings. Dawood’s own deputy turned arch-rival Chhota Rajan, thus-turned-politician Arun Gawli, Amar Naik and his engineer brother Ashwin Naik, and a host of other characters, big and small, walk the pages of this compelling history of the Maharashtrian mobsters who were once dubbed “amchi muley”, “our boys”, by Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray. Equally fascinating are the stories of the famous – and infamous – policemen and “encounter specialists” who took the gangs on with great success and not too many scruples.
Violence and deceit one expects to read of, but the strength of this book is also its ability to capture the mundane- almost naïve- beginning of what very quickly became the organizes crime and brutal vendettas that held Mumbai to ransom through the last decades of the twentieth century.
Meticulously researched and thrillingly told by the acknowledged expert on the underworld, this is faster-faced than Dongri to Dubai, and even more chilling in its implications for India and the subcontinent.

What I feel - As soon as I got to know about this book I went online to get a copy for myself. I quickly checked the online coupons and offers, these guys never disappoint me you should check it out too. As soon as the book arrived I got to reading without wasting a second. If you have read Hussain Zaidi’s books before then you’ll know his writing style, this book follows the same pattern. What I love about his writing is that he makes you feel that you were actually present when the episode happened. I can visualize everything that he writes. Being from Mumbai and living so close to all the areas that are mentioned in the book, I feel a connection on a different level altogether.

The book is fast paced and you won’t feel like keeping the book down. It is a must read if you like reading about underworld.  Interesting, intriguing and engaging are the three words that best describes this book.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Vikas Khanna’s Shaken & Stirred - Book Launch

He walked in with grace and confidence that captured everyone’s attention in a heartbeat. The book launch was at Foodhall at Palladium in Lower Parel. The front row was captured by all the foodies who had followed him for a long time; they were so star struck that some of them had an almost dreamy expression on their face.

After a bit of chitchat and a little introduction he went on and told us that this was his 20th book and that his 21st was releasing soon. He told us about his first book which was self published and how he struggled with accent and with pronouncing the ingredients right when he first came to India to work for MasterChef India.

He then quickly whipped up some mocktails and all this while actively chatting away with us. He made cooking so interesting and fun that me, who can’t even make decent Maggi, wanted to start cooking.

This book Shaken & Stirred is a dazzling collection of non-alcoholic drinks. From delicious teas to refreshing slushies and classic drinks, Vikas guided the audience on how to create unique and exquisite drinks that would keep their guests satisfied and have them coming back for more.

“I’m touched by the love & affection that the Foodhall customers gave me today and this is exactly what keeps my quest for undiscovered flavors. The versatile recipes in Shaken & Stirred allow you to play with your imagination, while keeping the pure flavor and wholesome goodness of the ingredients intact,” said an elated Vikas Khanna. 

Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Vikas Khanna runs the upscale restaurant Junoon in Manhattan. Having started a catering company at the age of 17 in Amritsar, he has been regularly featured on various international television shows such as Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Masterchef Australia and The Martha Stewart Show.

As the session came to an end he signed the copies of his book and then posed calmly for Selfies (This is a must these days)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother’s Day Giveaway! - Jabong.com (Closed)

With Mother’s Day just around the corner  http://www.jabong.com and I decided to make the day a little more special for you guys.

All you have to do is go through  http://www.jabong.com and tell us what would you like to buy for your Mother this Mother’s day. Share the picture with us using the #MothersDayWishlist
One lucky winner wins a gift voucher worth INR 1000/-

The contest ends on 12th May 2015 at 11pm.


Comment below and tell us what would you like to buy from  http://www.jabong.com  for your mother this Mother’s Day.


Share a picture on Twitter or Instagram using #MothersDayWishlist and also tag me using @PoojaMahimkar  so I get to know.

And that’s it, Good Luck :D

The winner is Aditya Raut.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Part-Time Devdas – Book Review

Part-Time Devdas – Book Review
Author – Rugved Mondkar

In India, when Zaalim Duniya separates a guy and a girl in love, they are called Heer and Ranjha. But when they themselves decide to separate, they are called Devdaas and Paro.

Meet Arjun Kulkarni – a thirty-year-old film director, with actresses and janta equally fond of him and his work. He has a house to himself, a fancy car and enough money to ensure a comfortable lifestyle, and has even had his share of love and flings. Sounds like a complete life, happy and content. Or does it?

What lies behind a smiling face is a painful break-up, which not only took away the love of this life Hrida after seven long years, but also led to estrangement from his parents, buddies, a best friendeven the  country.

From full-time love, to part-time Devdaasgiri; from part-time guilt, to full-time redemption: life seems to come full circle when his sixteen-year-old neighbor Aditi come in without knowing.
Does he find a way back into love or is he destines to a Part-Time Devdaas…?

About the author -  Rugved Mondkar lives in Mumbai and works full time as an Executive Producer with a leading media company where he writes and directs socially relevant short films. Over the past eight years, he has written and assisted on more than a dozen commercial Hindi feature films and another two dozen ad films. He is slated to make his feature film debut as writer and director.

I chanced upon this book right before my exams started and glad I was! Whenever I needed a break I would open this book up. It’s a simple and easy read about a guy and his encounters. Easy to understand and not very high on language makes this book a fun read. If you are new to reading and wants to motivate yourself to start reading then this is the book for you. The stories and relatable and thus helps you get more involved with the book.

You should definitely pick this book up if you are looking for a light read and not something heavy for the mind.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Exit Point – Book Review

                                 Exit Point –  On the Internet no one knows you are dead...

                                                                  Author – Anil Goel

“What lies beneath?”
An Australian intelligence officer wonders, as she sees terrible burn marks on sharks that go berserk off the coast of Bondi Beach.
A super-intelligent teenage girl is found dead with no apparent cause and her father, implicated in another murder in the same house, at the same time, insists he doesn’t know how she died.
The investigating team gets a mysterious tip-off – that the girl was chatting with another teenager on a social networking site at the exact time she died.
 A young reclusive tech genius is contemplating a suicide pact with an online soul mate who suddenly disappears.
What ties these strange incidents together?
Set in a chillingly probable 2016, Exit Point takes us into a dark, mysterious online world where an ancient mystery is unraveling after centuries. A mystery that cuts across Australia, India, China, Hong King, London, America – and ultimately all of mankind.
From Adam and Eve.
To us.
Our only hope of getting to the bottom of it, literally, is Alok – and his quest to find his intimate.
At all of 17 years of age, he saved a country.
At 25, can he save humanity?

            The summary got me hooked and I couldn’t wait to start reading this book. I love reading thrillers. Something that links to ancient mystery is all the more enjoyable to me.  This book has an amazing start and got me hooked almost immediately. I couldn’t keep the book down and I am glad that I chose to read this after I was done with my exams. The book does get a bit slow in the middle because it becomes too descriptive but once you are able to cope with that it is an amazing read.
The book touches upon very interesting topics making it all the more interesting and a good read.  
It is a must read for whoever enjoys thrillers and mysteries and also for those who are just starting with that genre.