Saturday, January 24, 2015

Go Sleek with Asus

Being media student, a blogger and a Social Media enthusiast add in Movie buff, Sitcom junkie to it and you shall get an idea how dependent I am on technology. I recently started vlogging, so now handling blogs and YouTube channel along with studies for which we practically have no books and have to depend on internet for all the study material. My life is surrounded by technology and I need something that I can depend on.

When I first checked out ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040 I didn’t know which one I loved more. They both seemed to just fit the bill.

ASUS EeeBook X205TA is light weight and compact, which means that I can carry it around with me everywhere. I could get so much done on the go. It weighs less than 1kg, no more heavy laptop bags and those strained shoulders.

It has optimized batter for all day computing. Well, who doesn’t want that? I hate it when I have to constantly worry about the power plug and keep checking how much battery is remaining.  
And with its 29.4cm display I can enjoy my movies and TV shows on the go.

It has Intel Atom Processor Z3735F with Quad core.
Windows 8.1
29.4cm HD glare
Intel Gen7 Graphics
2 GB DDR3 1600
And comes in Dark Blue, Red, Gold and White color. I absolutely love the Dark Blue and Gold color!

Now this was about when I was out of the house. There comes a time when you a need a desktop to sit and work at. That where ASUS All In One PC ET2040 comes into picture.  Its description says Simple, Versatile and Powerful, and I think it describes it perfectly. The look is sturdy and makes you want to own it at the first glance.

It has build – in 1 hour UPS prevents data loss. It is Incredibly fast and responsive and has innovative gesture control.  It is a space saving design which is a win win aspect as everyone these days wants something compact yet powerful.

Its backup power prevents data loss. So if next time you electricity decides to go off without notice and you had forgotten to save the file, don’t worry you pc would take of it and save all the files which you can retrieve later. Now that’s what I can a smart PC. This is such a great feature for me, at times while editing I get so involved that I forget to save the project, this would make my work a breeze.
It has Innovative Gesture Control; well this is just sounds to me like some witchcraft which I am excited to experience.

So well all in all, I am still confused about which one I want. Maybe ill end up buying both!

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Cupid Game

            The classic proposal includes candle lit dinner, a ring, good music and lots of flirting. I know we both are romantics at heart and would love to follow the pattern. However I also believe that there has to be something different which shows effort, so that it is the same old with a personal touch.
            He is an IT and Social Media guy, his life revolves around codes, computers, social media etc. I kind of am interested in what he does but things like coding etc doesn’t interest me or rather I just don’t understand it.

            To build up to the big question, I plan on doing a couple of little things to which he just couldn’t say no to. A blog, a game and dinner made by me.  As I mentioned, he is a social media enthusiast and so am I. Back in the day when I had thought of doing something for him, blog was my first option. It would be nice to have our stories on a blog, we can even later turn into something that we blog at. You know like a project that we are doing together (I think that would be fun).

            I don’t know how feasible the next thing that I plan on doing is. I’ll talk to some friends or find someone who could do it for me. I would love to make a small computer game, not very jazzy or intense. Like the flash games that we had when we were kids. A treasure hunt or maybe something where the Prince rescues the Princess and then they live happily ever after.

            And the next is, cooking for him. I am terrible at cooking. It is an achievement if I get the Maggi right, no I am not exaggerating. Actually I had once tried to cook his favorite dish for him but ended up messing it. He came over and then fixed the dish. Even thought I didn’t go according to the plan, I really found it very cute that he came and fixed my mistakes. Something like we complete each other right? NO? Okay! L  

            So well, the plan is clear now. I would invite him over for dinner and I would make the entire dinner by myself without anyone’s help! Candle light, music and then just us! When things are set I would ask him to complete the game and the end of which I shall pop the question. Hoping that he would say yes, I would then show him the blog and then we shall write the last chapter of our love story together and then begin a new chapter about our camaraderie!

Celebration of love is important, it is also very important to show your partner how much you care about them. These small little things that people do for each other which shows that they care keeps the love alive. It needn’t always be something big something small yet thoughtful does the trick!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bombay Blue – Phoenix Market City, Kurla

After a hectic week, couple of friends and I decided to unwind with some bowling and good food. After going through the entire list of restaurant available at the Mall we decide that Bombay Blue is going to be the place. It was crowded with no place to sit; we immediately regretted our decision as we were looking for some quite place. After waiting for about five minutes we got one corner table.

We ordered one Carlsberg, Mojito, Corona and a Caprioska for me.
Mojito and Caprioska were good. Perfect for the little buzz that we needed before we start the day.


For starters it was Garlic Bread and Fries Mexicana
Garlic bread is my all time favorite and these guys didn’t disappoint me. Although in the menu it was mentioned that Fries Mexicana has cheese!! I expected a lot of cheese but there wasn’t enough.

We settled for sizzlers, Thai sticks and Italian Pasta
Thai Sticks sizzler is vegetarian. I didn’t eat much of that, I did taste some and it was okay as was our Italian Pasta (I think I am writing the name wrong but it was definitely Italian something sizzler). I didn’t find is amazingly delicious but when one has good company all the not so tasty food doesn’t seem to matter.

It turned out that the manager was an old school friend, so well he used his privileges and gave us a discount which all the more added to the happiness. I would like to thank him for that.

I would give it – 3 and a half on 5

Cost for 4 – ₹ 3777/-

I also recently started making YouTube videos, please show some love! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Garnier Pure Active Neem

The most dreaded thing that can spoil your mornings in a minute is a PIMPLE. I am sure we have all had those days when we are excited about something and finally when that day arrives you are greeted with an unwanted Pimple. Luckily I never had this problem during my teenage years.

However I suddenly had this major pimple breakout couple of months back. When I googled the reasons responsible for it, it listed down things like stress, change in the routine and pollution. I was dealing with all the problems so didn’t know which one is causing the pimple outrage.  I promptly did take the best possible way out and picked up Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash.

It has worked just great with me, pimples have reduced and I can count on this product every time. You can read my review here.

Pimple is that one thing which can totally mess up my look. It’s like my skin is taking revenge for not taking good care of it.  I know that I haven’t been very prompt in taking good care of my skin as well, there are time when I go to bed without taking off my makeup, and then there are times when I don’t have 8 glasses of water and then those days when I am so caught up with things that junk food is the only option that I have. Stress, Pollution, Periods are other things that join the list.

It is very easy to say that it is a natural thing and that we shouldn’t pay much attention to it but there are times when looks are all that matters. Like when the first impression is very important.  I am also very sure that there is a very sinister plan happening behind the curtains, how is that just when there is some important thing coming that my pimple decides to pay me a visit?

I can’t even take decent pictures with that thing on my face. It’s like a mountain on my face that I try hard to cover by posing in different angles, of course that doesn’t work.

Wash face million times a day, keep drinking water, apply various kinds of masks ( Thank god, I found Garnier Face Wash, it works like a charm ) and million other process that are to be followed to get rid of that one little thing on my face.

They say good things come in small packages. Well guess what; even bad things come in small packages, as small as a pimple.

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Panic Attack

She just laid there
The fear enveloped her. Heart beat went up. She couldn’t breathe.
This had happened before. These days however it was happening more often.
She waited and wished it would get over, she tried to calm down.
Nothing worked! She wanted to scream and call someone for help but she knew no one would understand what she was going through.
Lots of bad thoughts captured her mind. Heart beats still rising, breathing becoming more difficult.
Calm Down! Calm Down! she kept telling herself.
She closed her eyes and let it pass, she felt close to a heart attack. Or was it a demon strangling her with all the devilish thoughts.
And it was over just as suddenly as it started.  She didn’t know what to expect next, she just hoped it didn’t happen again.

It was time now for her to behave everything was alright and put up a smile. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Maybelline Color Show and Glitter Mania Nail Color Review

            I love it when I get the right color which lasts and doesn’t chip the next day. Maybelline Nail color is just perfect. I have been using a range of brands till now but nothing seemed to gain my loyalty until Maybelline Glitter Mania came about. I fell in love with it immediately and soon started adoring the Color Show range.

            Their site says that there are 40 different shades but whenever I have gone to a store they never seem to have the entire range. It has a gel based formula for increased staying power. It is also chip resistant and comes with an easy flow brush.  Price – Rs. 85/- although their site says that it’s for 75/-

            Glitter Mania is an absolute delight. It’s not the normal glitter nail paint which sometimes does look a bit tacky. It gives a unique sand-textured effect that looks and feels great on your nails. They have 8 glittering colors. Price – Rs. 125/-
            I have Hooked on Pink – 212, Nude Skin – 015, Burnished Gold – 707, Wine and Dine – 005. I love all of them!

Hooked on Pink is this bright pink color to add a pop of color to your everyday routine. I am not a very pink nail pain kinda girl but this one just made me what to buy it.

            Nude Skin is my favorite! It is exactly what its name suggests, very nude and neutral. This gives a very elegant look and is just perfect if you want to keep it simple yet stylish.

                        Burnished Gold this is perfect for a party or when you want to add a little bit of glamour to your outfit.

            Wine and Dine is like those old school nail colors which we all still love.

            I also had Glitter Mania – Starry Nights 603, but yesterday when I was taking pictures I dropped it and it broke L. I love the texture and the sparkle.

I can't wait to try on the other shades!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

And Chillies, Mahim

A friend and I wanted to go have some good food but none of us wanted to go very far. He suggested that we go this new place in Mahim. And there we were ready to hog our way.
I liked the place instantly. They have a bar on the ground floor and more sitting space above. The interior is classy and you would love to sit and enjoy your meal.

We ordered

Peachy Fresh Mocktail
It’s Peach blended with coconut, apple juice with vanilla.
It had a very heavy apple flavor which worked for me. I am not a very peach fan but decided to try this out anyway and didn’t regret the decision. 

Japanese Yaki Tori Chicken
Thai style wok tossed Chicken with diced onion, basil and chillies.

My friend thought it was too burnt but I liked it. It looked so yummy when it arrived. I believe once the food looks delicious, half your work is done there itself.

Teriyaki Prawns
Teriyaki sauce seasoned with soy, ginger and honey.

LOVED THIS DISH! It was prawns, whats’s  not to like? Add this delicious sauce which just added to the entire thing. 

Mee Goreng – One Bowl Meal
Spicy Malaysian noodles wok tossed with fresh vegetables in sweet soya sauce.

After all of the above we were half full thus, decided to go for the one bowl meal instead of ordering various things. It was enough for two. Noodles with delicious sauce and chicken and we were more than happy! :D

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Icecream
 Need I say more? Perfect way to end the perfect meal! :D

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fear of the Unknown

            It was just another day, a friend and I met for dinner and then decided to go for a drive. We had experienced a very spooky incident during our college’s Industrial Visit. The topic got our fancy and we started discussing that.  A girl got possessed and she had got out of control, it was after we called the local priest that she was back to normal.

            During our last day there, she suddenly became very aloof and went to a junior and said that she is going to murder her roommate that night. The junior obviously in the fun mood didn’t pay much attention to her. After sometime back into the room she went into the bathroom and didn’t come out for a long time, her roommates, worried barged into the bathroom only to find her banging her head on the wall and with blood on her forehead. They freaked out and rushed to call other people.

            The girl was speaking in several voices and constantly threatening to kill whoever touches her. Around 8-10 guys were trying to pin her down on the bed just so she doesn’t harm herself or anyone else but she suddenly had surprising power to over throw all of them.

            I know this sounds something straight out of a movie. It took some of us a while to understand what was exactly happening. It was after she started speaking in different voices and saying that she is going to kill everyone that we realized it was something that none of us had experienced before. She once even ran and tried to jump of the 2nd floor.

            Not knowing what to do, everyone just tried to keep her pinned on the bed until the priest came. He did something and she then fell asleep.

            Thinking about it sent chills down our spine. It was something that you watch in movies, it is something that you hear from friends whose friend’s friend had experienced something like this. It is definitely not something that you wish to experience in real life. In between these talks we realized that they were on an unknown road. There was nothing around us just a straight narrow road ahead without any street lights.

            I have always been very scared of all these things. Although I am not a very religious person but I do believe that there is some power which is beyond our understanding and that  we should take it seriously. I have watched just one horror movie i.e. Paranormal Activity 4, that too because my friends tricked me into watching it. I sleep with lights on whenever I am home alone. Ghost stories fancy me but the time which follows after that scares the crap out of me.

            Suddenly on that unknown road I started to freak out. I took out Google maps but there was no network. I immediately regretted talking about the ghost topic as now that was all I could think of. My friend however just kept driving, we passed a cemetery and I immediately took it as a bad sign.

“Shh… chill I am sure we just took one wrong turn. Nothing is going to happen” he said
“Just get us out of here, it is very spooky here” I told him
“Are you in for a little adventure? Let’s get you to face your fear”

He said that and took a turn next to the cemetery.  All those creepy and scary stories started crossing my mind, I started imagining every possible situation that could go wrong.

Suddenly out of nowhere, straight ahead we saw a small bench. It looked like a fishermen’s colony only that we couldn’t spot any other human. We could see the sea. It was like we were on a movie set.

He parked the car and asked to wait there for a while.
“Yes, that’s how you get over your fear. Trust me you are not going to spot any ghost here.” he said and gave me a hand.

I unwillingly got out of the car and we sat on the bench in complete silence. Nothing scary happened.

I realized that all of it was in my head. I won’t say that I am completely over my fear but I have definitely come to the conclusion that something good shall follow.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happily Unmarried Haul

I had checked out their site lots of time but never bought anything fearing the quality etc. 

They recently opened their shop 5 minutes away from my house and I have become a fan already. It is generally so difficult to pick a gift for guys but this shop has solved that problem.

They have a wonderful collection and some quirky things as well. I am listing down couple of things I have bought in last 2 months you can find these here - or you can visit the shop.

I got this for a friend on his birthday. I didn’t know what to get him but when I saw these dice I knew it was just the right thing to get. Generally we are always lost about what to do; making plans has always been difficult for us. This should solve that problem!

I love Mumbai and all the quirks that come with it. I couldn’t really get myself to use these post its because I fear ill use them all up. It’s a good feeling knowing that they are there.

Everyone needs a daily Superhero dose.

MILF mug. Before you start getting ideas it says Men In Love with Football.

I was eyeing this one for a long time for a friend who is obsessed with movies.

To- do lists. Bought this for a friend who excels at procrastination.

And this one if for me :D Raj Kapoor fan has to have this!

And just because I have mentioned Awaara Hoon, here is a video of that song! <3 o:p="">

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Funny how

I recently met some of my school friend. Although it’s difficult to meet often we sure do make it a point to meet at least once a month. There is so much to catch up on, so many stories to tell and so many updates and gossip to share that hours feel like minutes.

So last Sunday I met some school friends, unable to decide where to go we just decided to park the car on a lonely road and chill there. In between all the talks, laughter and innumerable selfies later it suddenly dawned upon me how much has changed but we are still the same.

Suddenly we found ourselves talking about future and we realized that 5-6 years down the line all of us would be married. We would be responsible being! With family to look after. While we would be chilling like this, I would be planning what to make for dinner in the back of my mind.

It’s so scary at times. How careless we were in school. Obviously we made promises that time to stay in touch forever etc it hardly worked out with anyone except handful few. Obviously back then I would have never imagined my life the way it is now.

Is it just me who is panicking or does every 20 something go through this?