Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bombay Vintage – Review

A lovely little place in Colaba. I like restaurants which have some theme and character to it. This place has a mix of modern and vintage feel. The seating area is also very cosy and thus made me not want to leave the place. It’s a good thing that we ended up going here a bit late; the place was empty and quite.

The place is not very big but they do have seating arrangements upstairs, I like the place upstairs better.

The food is good too, they have tried to mix the typical Mumbai dishes with western cuisine. I remember having a Chicken pizza with a typical chicken curry topping and vadapav sliders, loved both.

The staff was courteous and nice. We ended up chatting the waiter up as well, and he suggested the vadapav sliders. We are glad that we tried that one out.

The place is not really very economical and the bill was around INR 2000/- including drinks.

I really like the place, and may visit sometime when I am in a mood for some fancy meal.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ladies, please!

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Ever since I came across the word Feminism, I have had these confusing ideas about various topics related to women.

A quick google search on the definition of ‘Feminism’ throws this up:

the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

How can we manage to complicate everything is beyond me, today however I am going to talk about just one thing.

Money. Finance. Wage. Salary. Bucks. Funds.

So the one thing that I have learnt is that women expect husbands to earn more than them. The logic of which I do get, I would like the financial safety and security that a well-paid husband brings.
Then again, if you are a feminist then this shouldn’t be your concern right? You can’t talk about equal rights and then expect the guy to earn more than you do.

We have issues with men getting paid more than women, we protest about that. Cool, I agree with it. Both should get equal pay. And if you agree with this then you just cannot expect your man to earn more than you do. You both should be each other’s financial security.

Yes, women has had it bad for decades or even centuries together and it did take a lot of time, effort and struggle to give us the kind of freedom we have now. and we still do have a long way to go, we still have to make sure that the coming generations get even better life than we do now but in the process let’s keep in mind that not every man is evil. We can cut them a little slack. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

You Won't Believe What This Girl Has To Say

Dear viral content creating website,

We actually know things! Maybe we don't know everything about everything but we do know things!

You know those 'seven things we bet you didn’t know about something' kinda posts? Yes them! They are very annoying. Like we get it, we may not be the wisest of them all but we aren't that stupid either. You just need to stop trying to tell us that there is always something that we don’t know. (Don’t you be a know-it-all)

We have also kind of understood your click bait titles and won't be falling for them any longer. Yes, initially maybe you had a lot of people fall for your click bait titles but we have got your trick now. There’s a chance that I consciously won’t click on a link that starts with ‘OMG!’ Or ends with ‘what happened next is unbelievable!’

We have also understood sponsored posts and now it just makes you look lame and no we are not going to buy those products either. Advertisers, find new way to sell us things that we don’t need.

Also, what’s with sharing latest pictures of old child actors? We all grow up! That’s normal! The only day you are allowed to share your childhood pictures in on Children’s day or maybe on your birthday. That it.

And don’t even get me started with every time you make an entire post revolving around some celebrities tweet. Like really? You made a post about something that was of 140 characters or less? And obviously this is also titled with something like ‘You won’t believe what this celebrity said/did’. This also generally happens when that particular celebrity has a movie coming up.

I am sure this article can go on but for my sanity, I think I should end it here.

If you can come up with more annoying things that these websites do then let me know in the comments below.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Kolad River Rafting – Offbeat Getaways Near Mumbai

I have never been adventurous, actually I have never really done anything much sporty in my life. However i was really thinking about trying new things for a while now, so when I got to know about the Kolad River Rafting place, I immediately said yes for it.

There are a number of River Rafting places there so I suggest you Google them up and then take your pick. The Rafting in done in the Kudalika River.  It takes around 3 hours to reach Kolad but as we got lost in between and the road was bad we took nearly 6 hours to reach.

We started off at around 8am from Dadar, stopped at a highway restaurant near Panvel for some breakfast and then were on our way again.

I would really suggest using GPS to get to the place. The rafting begins from Sutarwadi and then you come down towards the end of the river. So you might just get confused there as there will be two river rafting points, skip the first one that you see as that is the end point. (If you are coming from Mumbai)

We reached the place at around 3pm and were the last ones to leave from there. As it was too last minute and we didn’t have enough time, we didn’t carry any cameras or phone.

The river was less furious at this time as the damn was close to closing, we did raft for a while and post that swam the river for close to half hour. It was pleasant and really beautiful. It was raining on and off and the scene was just beautiful.

We also tried a few stunts, like rolling the raft upside down, standing on the raft etc. Honestly, I was a little scared in the beginning, I remember screaming when they threw me in the river (I can’t swim, but we all had a life jacket on) but after the first two minutes of panic, I was fine.
They do teach you how to raft and be prepared to row your raft.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Things to remember when shopping - Sale Shopping Tips

Sales are one of my favourite things and like clockwork this year too Big Bazaar is coming up with its annual Independence day sale 'Big Bazaar Mahabachat'. The sale will be between August 13 to 17 2016. They have been doing this sale for over a decade now and this is their 11th year!
There are a number of things that I particularly keep in mind when I go out shopping during sales, listing down a few that may help you when going for the Big Bazaar Mahabachat sale.

Plan the day
When you go out shopping especially during sales, it is quite understandable that you would be spending a lot of time in the mall and thus you should make sure that you go there ready to come back tired and with tons of shopping bags.

Go early
‘Early bird gets the worm’ just like that ‘Early shopper gets the best stuff’ I always believe that the earlier I go the better stuff ill be able to purchase. Going early means less people, no or less line at the payment counter, no queues at the trail room and just a big shopping place where you can pick and choose to your heart’s desire.

Coupons, coupons, coupons
Keep a track of all the coupons that you own especially of the shops where you don’t shop often. You can visit those shops during sales and redeem your coupons, this way you get to shop from a new place and incase you don’t like the product that you just bought, you still won’t be disappointed because you really didn’t spend the full amount for it.

Shop smart
Buying woollens during summer may look stupid but it really is the smartest thing to do. Woollens are going to be cheaper during summer so you can happily buy them now and use them during winter. Same goes for buying swim suits, umbrellas, raincoats etc during winter/summer.
So now that you have some handy tips to work with and a sale coming right at you soon, I think it’s time to take the pen and paper out and make a list of things to buy.

Oh, that’s the last time – Make a list
Make a list of all the things you wish to buy, this helps you stay focused and not waste time in the wrong section or store. This will also ensure that you have got everything that you need by the end of your shopping trip.

So head to your nearest Big Bazaar store during August 13 to 17 and make sure that you did some Mahabachat yourself.

Hum Tayyar Hai Big Bazaar!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Matheran - Weekend Getaway Near Mumbai

Matheran is a beautiful hill station just a few hours away from Mumbai. This red mud hill station is the only non-automobile hill station in India, thus be prepared to walk and ride a horse.

We decided to go there for a two day trip. Matheran is best for even a one day trip or if you are into trekking this place is good for that too.

You can board a Karjat bound train from Mumbai and get down at Neral. You can either board a mini toy train from Neral to go to Matheran, the train drops you off in the heart of Matheran. Or you can take a sharing cab which drops you off at Dasturi. You have to walk from Dasturi or opt for a horse ride. If you are driving then you can park your car at Dasturi and then walk from there. The toy train doesn't work in monsoon.

We caught the afternoon train and reached Neral around 5.15pm. We took the share cab to go to Dasturi. I had heard a lot that the cab drivers are rash drivers, I was completely sure that I would panic the moment he speeds but luckily our cabbie was nice and drove safely. They charge Rs. 70 per person. After the 20 minutes cab ride we were at Dasturi and the first thing I saw were monkeys!

If you are going to Matheran be ready to face monkeys everywhere! I repeat, everywhere! Make sure you don't tease them nor do you carry any eatables, they are going to snatch it from you.

We decided to go for a night trek (well, kind of) so we walked from Dasturi to  Matheran along the train tracks. If you are feeling adventurous and want to do something like this then please make sure you are wearing good shoes and carrying a torch or some source of light. It is pitch dark there and at times you would pass some locals going up and down the hill but other than that, nothing. Also make sure that you are prepared to deal with monkeys, if you come across any. Although they are not around at night especially during monsoon. We did manage to go half way before I started freaking out and made my way back to the hotel.

We did come across this beautiful sight on our way, and had I not been freaking out I think I would have enjoyed the sight better.

The next day we again made our way to the town and explored the place. Matheran has a number of ‘points’ sunset, sunrise, suicide, khandala etc. but the issue during monsoon is that it is always covered with fog so unless you are lucky and you manage to reach the point during the brief period when the fog is clearing you won't be able see much other than plain white blanket. Don't get me wrong, that is beautiful as well. It was raining the whole time we were there and it was just perfect!

Lake, fog, rain and me 😎 Walked almost for 20mins from the town market to this lake. The way to go to this place is narrow, covered with trees walk way. It almost feels like you are in a jungle ( technically you are! But in a civilised jungle) the walk is beautiful in monsoon. I initially did get a little skeptical about going as it was all Misty and seemed deserted but later that added to the fun. More on the this place on my blog soon. The Link is in the bio. Or you can visit #Blogger #Bblogger #Travel #Youtuber #Matheran #Neral #Maharashtra #MaharashtraTourism #travelblogger #Weekend #Hillstation #Raigad #Monkey #Indianyoutuber #Mumbai #Girl #Femaletraveller #travelblog #travelblog #trip #holiday #travelling #tourism #instatraveling #Clouds #Valley #Trek #trekking #Monsoon #charlottelake
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We made our way to Charlotte lake. Reaching this place is also bit of a walk, make sure you keep asking for directions on your way as it is very easy to miss the little right turn that leads to the lake. Once you take the right turn, you enter this narrow walkway which surrounded by trees. Again, it was just beautiful in the monsoon. The walk was covered with fog and mist, we occasionally met other people who were visiting the lake but other than those handful few it was just us walking into this civilised jungle. Of Course the monkeys kept us company.

The lake is beautiful, it kinda reminded me of the Lake from Harry Potter movies.

We ate some maggi and tea at the lake and then headed back. I was too tired to walk down to Dasturi again so we decided to opt for the horse ride. I was again too terrified that I absolutely forgot to take any pictures while I was holding on the horse for my dear life.

We took a cab ride back and then then train to Mumbai and we were home!

Matheran really is beautiful and perfect for a weekend away. I wonder how awesome it would be in Winter.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tea Villa Cafe, Hill Road - Review

I ended up at Tea Villa Cafe on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The rains had damned our shopping trip and we thought of spending some time at this place and wait for rains to calm down so we could indulge in some retail therapy.

The place was bustling with people and I was glad when we got a table for two immediately. The menu looks interesting and they had tons of options in Teas (obviously) the coffee options were limited and honestly quite disappointing. Another bummer was that it is a vegetarian place so I settled for a waffles with maple syrup while my friend ordered for a vegetarian burger, both the dishes were good. No complaints there.

The tea also was interesting, the presentation gets full marks and so does the taste. I am not an expert of tea so ill rest my case saying that I enjoyed it and would love to try out different flavours.

They get the water, tea leaves and a timer to your table and then infuse it in front of you. After the time is up, you just have to pour yourself some tea and enjoy it. Honestly, on a rainy day this was very welcoming.

The whole time that I was there, the nursery rhyme ‘I am a Teapot’ was stuck in my head.

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