Saturday, July 23, 2016

Paint Away - Offbeat Weekend Activity In Mumbai

At times we just don’t have something new to do. We are stuck with the routine and there doesn’t seem to be anything new happening. Ofcourse chilling with friends and going to holidays work but that is not possible all the time.

PaintStrome is the fix you might be looking for. When I received the invite I was so psyched to try something new. Paintstorm is a concept that involves inspiring individuals to come together to paint, drink, eat, socialise & have a good time. It is hosted at Mumbai's popular bars & cafes once a month.

Paintstorm was born out of the realisation that options for creative recreation are virtually non-existent in Mumbai. The goal of Paintstorm is to teach share & inspire an artistic spirit on a collective & social platform. They provide a fun, creative, and non-judgmental environment in which their art eccentrics will guide you, step-by-step, through the creation of your own acrylic masterpiece which is yours to keep! They provide everything; you just have to show up and no art experience is required!

I was a little anxious as I have never painted on a canvas before but when I reached there I realised that I had nothing to worry about. They guided me perfectly though the painting. I did mess up a little bit but they were kind enough to help me fix it. I started off not so confident but ended up enjoying the event.

The workshop fees include food and drink charges, so you can just sit back paint, relax, soclialise and spend the evening doing something different than usual.

You can get in touch with them at -

A photo posted by Pooja Mahimkar (@poojamahimkar) on
A photo posted by Pooja Mahimkar (@poojamahimkar) on

Also, The White Owl Brewery was kind enough to take us around their brewery and tells us how beer is brewed.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chaitanya, Dadar West - Review

If you are craving for Maharashtrian food especially sea food then this is the place for you. This tiny little place has become one of the favorite restaurants of the people living around Dadar. 

It is refreshing to see that college go-ers and the youth is drawn to the place, as opposed to other thali places which is generally frequented by families. They have amazing malvani food; I loved the fact that they serve unlimited soul kadhi with the Thali. They have crab lollypop which has become a hit amongst the customers, I tried it and was really liked it.

The place is small and generally there is waiting during lunch/dinner time. I advise you to go a little earlier or be prepared to wait for your turn. Dadar needed a nice place for Maharashtrian food. 

Chaitanya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, July 8, 2016

Are We Fairy Tale Princess?

“I want a guy who is witty, takes efforts, honest..” the list went on.
“He should look good, that’s very important”
“Also the family matters”
The conversation just went on with everyone listing what they look for in a guy.
“Do you really think you all are perfect?” I inquired.
A brief silent followed.
“All I am saying is that, we expect so much from the guys but are we that perfect as well?”, I justified.

Somehow these days I see a lot of the female folks around me have conditions and qualities that they want in their guy. Of course I have my hold ups as and I wouldn’t date someone who is completely opposite to what I look for in a guy. But always having high expectation and then cribbing that there aren’t good guys around is unfair.

We are not flawlessly beautiful all day, we fail in the kitchen and in other household chores (maybe some of you excel at it), we are also not overly kind, calm and selfless like all our fairy princess, and then when we are not perfect why are we waiting for a prince charming.

It is time to understand that no one is perfect and relationships and love take work, a lot of work! As long as you see the person at least trying to take effort for you then appreciate that and love that!
Under no circumstances should one settle for something or someone, but don’t let go of someone because they have two flaws and eight other amazing things.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekend Getaway Near Mumbai - Manori Beach

If you are looking for something to do in around Mumbai in Monsoon then visiting Manori beach could be one of the options.

Although there is no over selling point here as the beach is pretty secluded with almost nothing around but can make up for a good time by not leaving the city limits.

If you enjoy drives and sea then this could be a day trip for you. The beach is 5kms away from Gorai beach, where most of the people go. Gorai tends to get crowded on holidays and weekends but Manori manages attract less people which made it perfect for me.

Things to remember:
The roads are narrow and there is hardly space for 2-3 car parkings. Be ready to park the car a little away and walk to the beach, many come here on bikes as well.
The beach is not very big but you can sit on the rocks or on the church which is at the entrance and enjoy the view.
I am being brutally honest and telling you that the water is not exactly clean, so you need to pick your spot and park yourself there.
The beach almost disappears during high tide.
You can pack a picnic box and then lay out a picnic mat on the beach; it would make up for a really nice memory by the beach.
The road to and fro the place is beautiful and you can definitely wait and click some good pictures.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Things To Remember When Travelling Solo

I recently went on a solo international trip, as cool as it may sound (or not, depending on what you are into) it honestly was a little stressful. I had made sure that I would not take any help from Mom and would seriously handle everything on my own. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when travelling solo, or even when with someone. All these pointers really helped me a lot.

Research, read, make notes

I know it sounds tiring and not everyone is into it, but Google has to be your best friend before you travel. Try to read up as much you can about the place you are visiting. At times you may come across offbeat things that you can do there or get to know about local events that you could have missed otherwise.

I really don’t have to tell you how useful maps are. Google maps have offline features where you can save a map on your phone and use it later even if you don’t have data. Download the map and keep before you leave for your trip, you can also mark places on the map like your hotel, or places you are going to visit etc. just so you don’t have to do the searching bit when you reach there.

Travel Light
Keep the baggage less, it would not only help you get around places faster but would also leave ton of room for the new things that you shop there. Planning outfits for each day helps a lot and can actually save you a lot of space as you won’t be carrying too many outfits.
Maybe this could help -

Hotel Check
Read up on the hotel and area you are going to stay in. Read the reviews, do a thorough check of their website and read the rules and regulations. At times the reviews tell you about the kind of the place you are going to stay in and reading the rules and regulations will help you avoid any additional charges or confusion that you may have overlooked.

Weather Check
Always do a weather check, it will help you tons while packing clothes or other things that you may need to carry.

Jackets, scarfs and shrugs are my favorite thing to carry. They don’t take much space and you can team it up with various outfits and can also take care of the weather around. You can wrap a scarf around if you are cold, or use it to protect yourself from the sun. If you are carrying T-shirts and jeans and if you add on a jacket over it, you totally transform the look and you have a new outfit by just adding one piece of clothing.
Get Local
Before you visit the place make sure that you read up on the clothing and cultural norms, although this is not that big a deal but when visiting places which are less liberal this could really come in handy. Also check out what the locals eat, you really get to know the place when you eat the food that belongs there. It would also help you save a few bucks as local food is generally not very expensive.

Social Media

Now if want to be active on social media during your travel then you can make a list of hashtags and people to tag on the notepad app and then just copy paste it. You know the usual hashtags that fit your travel and people you are travelling with etc., you just have to edit the hashtags or people when actually posting the post. I use this all the time and it really has saved me a lot of time and also made sure that I don’t miss out on things.
Tourism and safety apps
As most of the countries are getting big on tourism and social media, they generally have a tourism app to guide tourists. Also check out local apps which tell you the bus/train/metro timings or lets you hire a cab etc.Safety app is a must. It could really come in handy in sticky situations.
Carry potable chargers and USB chargers. We all are ruled by our phone and you really don’t want to be stuck in a place without your phone. 

This is all that I do when I am travelling. If you have any more tips, ideas or hack then let me know in the comments box. It would help other readers as well as me :D

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lion and Tiger Safari – Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The minute I learnt that there is a lion and tiger safari at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, I knew I had to visit the place. I did my online research and gathered that people were actually able to see a Tiger. That just boosted my wish to go there even more.

I went on a weekend, and I reached around 7.30 am but the place was still crowded. The safari ticket counter opens around 9am so we had ample time to figure out where the place is and for some photo ops.

The ticket and the seating in the bus is on the first come first serve basis, so make sure you reach early so you can get the best seats.

Tip: Do not sit on the seats that are behind the driver. The Tiger is going to be on the opposite side. (Lion Safari is shut for a while)

If you have children with you then please instruct them to be quite and not talk much when you spot the tiger. We had a few kids in my bus and although I love kids these ones just didn’t want to shut up, worse thing was the parents supported that and didn’t even try to keep them silent, that mostly ruined the experience for all the other people in the bus.

The bus has grills all over thus making it safe. The complete ride is for around 15minutes which is quite reasonable for the fee that they charge (I don’t remember how much exactly, but it was within INR 100)

The Starting point of the safari is a good 20 minutes walk from the entrance, so unless you want to walk you can take your car inside.

There are a lot of other things that you can do at the National Park, I am planning to do a few more posts on the same.

Check out the vlog above for more details! J

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Leaping Windows – Review

Love reading and coffee? Added advantage if you are into comic books. This small little place in Versova is for people who would like to cozy up around books with a Hot Chocolate or Coffee or in my case Sweet Lime Soda (It’s crazy hot in Mumbai these days).

They have both outdoor and indoor seating and the library is in the basement. They don’t allow food in the library but you can definitely sit down in one of the nooks with your favorite beverage.

I am not much into comics but I really wanted to check this place out. Luckily I did find a Peanuts comic book which caught my interest and I spend around an hour and a half reading it from cover to cover.

The library charges are INR 50/- per hour additional to your food and drinks bill.
We had just had a heavy lunch so we entirely skipped food but sat there sipping Sweet Lime Soda.

The place is not huge but is comfortable for smaller groups. I noticed a few people who had just come to relax and read in the library, looked  like a part of their routine.

I really liked the place. Had it been a little closer to my house and had books from other genre as well, you might have found me holed up there during my free time.

Damage: INR 400/-

It is a little tricky to locate but was easy for me as I was familiar with the area, I have added the Google direction below.

Leaping Windows Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato