Flamingo Point, Sewri, Mumbai

After seeing innumerable posts about Flamingos in Sewri, I knew I had to go there. It’s not exactly far from where I live but still is one of the areas that I had never been to. Google maps gave me the exact location of where I needed to reach, thankful for that.

The place is secluded. It was a Saturday evening, I was expecting a lot many people there but there hardly were a few. There are fishermen boats around, and a big rustic ship ( I knew I wanted to go on the ship the moment I saw it ) bloggers, take note! Get a friend along to take pictures, you might end up with some really nice shots.

People are allowed at times on the ship, depending on the mood of the workers there. I suggest, give it a try. It’s just a rustic ship but you might end up getting good pictures and a better view at the flamingos.

Carry binoculars or a camera with good zoom. The flamingos are far off, but the locals told us that they are much closer in the morning ( you can try your luck )

I won’t say it is amazing but if you are looking for something different on a weekend, like I was, you can definitely  try going here.

The flamingos are here from November to March.
Like I mentioned that it is a secluded place, it would be easier if you had your own transport.
You can also catch a cab from Wadala or Parel station.


  1. So nice to see the Flamingos. Unfortunately it seems the way things are, our next generation won't be able to see the beautiful birds.


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